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Top The Mantel Wassssssup?
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It's alive!!
RogerSep-22-17 04:48 PM
by rajah
SallyBR?? Where is she?
Hello DP-people! Who remembers SallyBR? She has her 57th birthday today? She was a really tough, smart lady. Is there somebody present who still is i
ArnoldCHMay-11-17 07:19 AM
by ArnoldCH
Still amazing to me...
https://www.blogger. com/blogger.g?blogID =8126547678917050078 #editor/target=post; postID=7075464283857 843631;onPublishedMe nu=allposts;onClosed Menu=allpo
JakeDec-09-16 03:08 PM0403
Youtube suggested this for me today.
http://youtu.be/cmVX YOJzAJM I played this at my wedding. My wife danced with her father to this. My mother used to love to hear me play this.
JakeDec-09-16 04:36 AM
by mikky48
Life Changes Quickly
So I have not been talking about this a great deal in public places but the first week of September Pete had a pretty major MS Attack. The new lesion
TriciaDec-09-16 04:31 AM
by mikky48
She's still amazing to me...
http://stillamazing. blogspot.com/2015/12 /charlotte-is-10.htm l
JakeDec-09-16 04:17 AM
by mikky48
Revival of DP/TM??
Now and then I'm lurking into TM but it seems that this forum is mostly pretty sleepy or just dead. I recall the time when the forum was DP. I miss lo
ArnoldCHAug-07-16 03:53 PM
by Dennis
Sitting in Schul during Yom Kippur on Saturday, looking at Michael. The picture of desperation, even though he didn't look like it. During Rosh
JakeApr-12-16 04:34 PM
by Tricia
She's still amazing to me...
I decided to stop the long blog posts at 13. But... In the fall, she was diagnosed with Executive Function disorder. We got her on some medication
JakeMar-31-16 06:57 PM
by KatherineJ
Facebook Group for The Mantel
Just throwing this out here for those who may not know about it yet BUT there is a facebook group for The Mantel. It's not been very active but had s
TriciaMar-16-16 08:28 PM0500
Just wanted to say hello while I was popping in. ~Ra chel "Be who you are and say what you
RachelJul-23-15 10:47 AM
by KatherineJ
Gia Reading to Chark
Each year, for the past 5 Aprils, Mrs. Jake seems to have a work trip. And, each year, I've taken pictures of Gia reading to Chark. Here's a compi
JakeJun-08-15 10:17 PM
by Roger
It looks like we're back...
Something was using a lot of memory on the server so we started shutting down sites until the load went down. Apparently it was not this site so we're
RogerMay-06-15 12:58 PM0698
It's happening again!
Just wanted to let you know that we are going to be grandparents again. Iris is pregnant and due on July 26 (yes, her birthday). She asks that it's no
markelApr-22-15 03:02 PM
by markel
Gia turned 14 last week
I'm not going to write another It's still amazing post. Or maybe I'll write one next week. We were traveling - kids were off from school. Also,
JakeApr-19-15 09:27 PM
by Roger
SallyBR - happy birthday to you!
SallyBR has her birthday today. Where is she? Is there somebody who is still in contact with her? If she will read this post, - happy birthday, a rich
ArnoldCHMar-11-15 04:27 AM0643
2014 Year's end
As the year 2014 is drawing to a close, I wish all of you who still visit the Mantel a very pleasant holiday season, and for a bright new year to come
ClarkJan-04-15 10:36 AM
by Clark
It's Still Amazing to Me
http://stillamazing. blogspot.com/2014/12 /charlotte-is-9.html
JakeDec-13-14 12:28 AM
by Tricia
IT's been two months since any post.
So I'm posting this. That is all.
JakeSep-27-14 11:58 PM
by Roger
Gravity - spoilers
I don't see much activity in Festivus, so I'll try here. I've seen Gravity twice. Both in the largest 3D theater on my side of Houston. As a spac
SamFAug-10-14 02:30 PM
by Tricia
Sorry. Just had to scream. Glad I can still come here and do this. 10 days until Gia's Bat Mitzvah. Ah. I feel better already.
JakeMay-31-14 09:02 PM
by Roger
tipping people in service jobs
I'm trying out a new hair stylist on Monday. She's actually my neighbor and has just opened a salon in her home after working at another salon for a n
RachelMay-04-14 09:23 PM
by Tricia
SHE'S 13! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? She looks like a grown woman sometimes. I need to do double takes. Her Bat Mitzvah is coming up. After she
JakeApr-25-14 12:20 PM
by Jake
First post on 2014
Happy New Year! Nothing to say really. This place seems dead. Posted for the sake of posting.
JakeFeb-09-14 06:27 PM
by Tricia
The Boy in the striped Pajamas
http://www.imdb.com/ title/tt0914798/ Horrific ending. Mrs. Jake watched it this past weekend. I never have, nor plan to. She told me the end
JakeJan-28-14 11:44 AM
by Jake
Is this how we see ourselves sometimes?
Are we even still a community ? http://xkcd.com /1305/
JakeDec-19-13 09:19 AM
by Jake
It's still amazing to me...
http://stillamazing. blogspot.com/2013/12 /charlotte-is-8.html I'll add a picture from home either tonight or tomorrow. Too many things blocked from
JakeDec-09-13 11:06 PM
by Roger
Happy Thanksgiving..
All the best to all the "Mantelites" and their families for this Thanksgiving and the holiday season.
RogerDec-04-13 05:19 PM
by Tricia
An interesting twist in marking time
So I bought a new car yesterday, a flashing, brand new black beauty. My last car was 11 years ago, and the second to the last car was 12 years before
ClarkNov-01-13 09:02 AM
by Clark
Web balkanization
I think we have all (all six of us?) noted what Jake and Clark are complaining about in Symposium -- that the Mantel is moribund bordering on deceased
JacquesOct-31-13 11:11 PM
by Tricia
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