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Geoff's summer house, phase 4
I'm most of the way through the 4th and final phase of interior remodeling. This last phase was to completely reconstruct my bedroom. The first s
GeoffOct-21-13 09:08 PM
by Roger
Geoff's summer house project, part 2
My plan for the winter was to gut the bathroom and take care of some drainage problems. So much for plans...... The hot water hose to my washing
GeoffMay-09-12 08:34 AM
by Paula
Dinner Tonight
Grilled Haddock. Made a red sauce. The recipe I saw called for onions and bell peppers. No peppers in the house but had a jar of roasted red pepp
JakeMar-13-12 11:26 AM
by Roger
Wishing You all a Happier New Year
とあ 394;たの ハッ 500;ーニ ュー 452;ヤー ...と餅& #12434;
TheoJan-03-12 08:51 PM
by Jake
GOTTA HAVE IT!! Is this flavor found in your neck of the woods?
http://www.allvoices .com/contributed-new s/10675479-ben-jerry s-schweddy-balls-ice -cream-is-banned I've searched high and low and only one place in T
TheoDec-21-11 04:12 PM
by Glenn
Fridge bag to keep something warmer?
I have a Costco size jar of sun-dried-tomatoes in olive oil. I keep my fridge pretty cold, so the oil hardens and it grosses me out and I find that I
GlennJun-14-11 09:50 PM
by Tricia
Mortgage refi question
I had my rate locked in for 30 days. Due to stuff at their end, the 30 days expired, but they redid the terms and want me to sign off. But the rat
GlennJun-06-11 07:25 PM
by Glenn
Our new summer "home"
http://www.facebook. com/media/set/?set=a .594940437718.209491 7.28702166&l=d0ccab3 16a We started out looking for pop-ups and after really looking at
TriciaMay-23-11 02:43 PM
by Tricia
Roof ''inspector''
My roof is quite high and pitched and most of it not visible from the ground. I'm worried about breaches in the siding up there or other places water
GlennApr-05-11 02:22 AM
by George7
What's with 5-oz cups?
My rice cooker came with a "cup," but it's 5 ounces. So the book recipes say "3 cups" and mean 3 of those, but online recipes probably use a real cup.
GlennMar-26-11 12:48 PM
by Geoff
Of Solar Power
I have this fantasy of taking the house off the grid. The cost of installing a system for my house would be around $17k after some basic research, wh
JakeMar-14-11 02:20 AM
by George7
Time to get out the electric blankets
Brrr, it's cold. Down in the teens here in central Oklahoma at night. I know it's much colder up north and that things are a mess in the northeast.
PamelinaJan-29-11 10:07 AM
by Trisha
Winter soups
Like many people, when the weather turns cold and the sky stays gray, I long for the warmth and comfort of a nice bowl of soup. Lately, I've been mak
PaulaDec-06-10 08:08 PM
by Paula
My new toy
http://www.keurig.co m/content/ProdImages /KRG-LG-B60.jpg
TriciaNov-15-10 10:50 PM
by Tricia
How do I clean a vinyl shower curtain?
The bathroom in the place I've moved to has a shower curtain that looks pretty gross near where it meets the inside of the tub, and it doesn't look li
KatherineJNov-06-10 01:20 PM
by Shannie
Unusual foods, anyone?
Do you have an adventuresome palate? What are some of more unusual foods you have consumed, or seen consumed? http:// www.pla-designs.com/ dc/user_f
ClarkOct-17-10 09:19 PM
by Allison
Ashely Home Stores?
Our son is about to buy his first home. He lives in a remote part of Colorado, and the only furniture store in town has ultra-high-end stuff, way outs
PaulaSep-27-10 07:49 PM
by Tricia
I officially join the ranks of suburbanites
Yesterday, I bought a riding mower. I paid $350 for it. It's used, of course, but has brand new motor and totally reconditioned. Now I can sit do
ClarkSep-06-10 01:42 PM
by Clark
Moved in, sort of
I took a few photos this morning. I'm at least part way moved in. The kitchen is functional. The carpet shampoo guy is showing up thursday so I h
GeoffSep-05-10 09:20 PM
by Roger
The best gardening implement ever invented
I hate gardening. I'll mow, prune, chop, limb . . . but only do enough gardening to keep peace in the family. However, Mrs. J, through the aegis o
JacquesJul-06-10 06:04 PM
by J
Home theater
I've been chipping away at my home theater setup. The anchor piece has always been some vintage 1981 Polk Monitor 10 speakers. Last fall, I picked
GeoffJul-05-10 09:41 PM
by Tricia
Great Onion Topping for Hot Dogs
My friends mom made this for our birthday party and I recreated it today - delicious! I used 1 sweet vidalia onion cut into quarters and then slic
TriciaJul-05-10 09:39 PM
by Tricia
Green papaya pie
I bought a couple of pie dough circles and a can of green papaya chunks and baked a pie like the ones I used to eat as a little kid. I'll see whether
JMay-21-10 10:10 PM
by J
Home improvement
I bought a cottage in my home town last December. As the crow flies or by boat, it's about 20 miles due north of Paula's Martha's Vineyard place on t
GeoffMay-21-10 06:24 AM
by Jake
Blue cheese-stuffed filet mignon
I got my last remaining whole beef tenderloin (from the ones I bought at $4.99 a pound, which haven't been on sale again) and cut it into 2-inch thick
JMay-19-10 07:33 PM
by J
Know of an environmentally friendly way to kill Dandelions?
God I loathe dandelions. They are the bane of my existence. I get them mostly because my neighbors don't to much with theirs. I seem to get the mos
ShannieMay-17-10 10:30 PM
by Glenn
Hardwood floor Pics
So here are some pics since hardwood floors installed. I've noticed something while uploading them; I have too much clutter in my kitchen LOL PS
ShannieMay-10-10 09:54 PM
by Shannie
Updated bathrooms
When I bought my house, it had cultured marble countertops in the bathrooms (the type with sink basin built-in). Hated them. They were a cream color
ShannieMay-03-10 09:31 AM
by Geoff
Filet mignon medalions and grilled corn
Last evening, I got one of the whole tenderloins I bought for $4.99 a pound and cut it into medallions, about 1-1/2 to 2 inches thick, and saved the t
JApr-30-10 10:57 AM01182
Herb-crusted whole tenderloin of beef
I bought several whole tenderloins of beef at El Nuevo Emperador (The New Emperor) supermarket a mile from my house the last time that they were on sa
JApr-26-10 10:27 PM
by J
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