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Donald Trump
I miss the days when his... campaign... would spur many lively conversations in this place.
JakeOct-05-16 12:07 PM
by Jake
Trump Explained
Their aren't enough rich people to ordinarily elect Republicans. They have had to rely upon various strategies over the last century to attract enough
JacquesJul-18-16 03:31 PM
by Tricia
Amada Knox second guilty verdict
Poor girl. I didn't for a second believe she was guilty of murdering her roommate. Because she is from Seattle, I paid attention and followed her
ClarkFeb-24-14 06:45 PM
by KatherineJ
Will the Republicans even get their act together?
Now their great moderate hope, Cristie, has gotten himself mired in post-hurricane corruption scandal. Sigh....
ClarkJan-27-14 02:11 PM
by Jake
Iran Nuclear talks
Someone update me ? What broke down this weekend ?
JakeNov-19-13 08:03 PM
by Roger
On the Republican party
Thought this was a great read... http://ww w.post-gazette.com/o pinion/Op-Ed/2013/10 /27/I-m-now-an-indep endent/stories/20131 0270017 Some quotes th
JakeOct-29-13 08:37 AM
by Jake
No gov't shutdown post?
Man, this place really is dead. Sigh.
JakeOct-21-13 09:21 PM
by Roger
educate me, Syria
Okay.. someone please educate me. So Syrian government is most likely using chemical weapons against its people. The U.S. is bring military to be
ClarkSep-04-13 12:36 AM
by George7
Interesting name. No. Just .... No. I don't care how much safer this makes us. "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little t
JakeJun-11-13 06:10 PM
by Clark
Boston bombers
So the brothers are real nut jobs. The younger brother is so disassociated from real world that he can even party after the deed. The older brother
ClarkApr-28-13 08:04 PM
by Roger
Obama comes out for gay marriage.
Finally. I don't think a link is needed here.
JakeMay-11-12 01:09 PM
by JeffF
Quote of the day
Somebody on one of the news networks: "Today is not a good day to be a North Korean rocket scientist"
ClarkApr-13-12 02:23 PM
by Glenn
Talking back to robo-call
I don't know how I got on their list, but last evening I picked up the home, and got an important sounding voice telling me that "Wayne LaPierre, exec
JacquesMar-31-12 02:24 PM
by Roger
I was just wondering when Sarah Palin will pop up again...
Sarah Palin said that she was open to being the GOP compromise candidate if none of the current lot make it at the convention. http://www.cnn.c om/
ClarkMar-13-12 08:53 AM
by JeffF
Value of Speculation?
I don't understand the value to the economy of selling options on stocks and commodities. Seems like a casino for the insiders and/or wealthy, being a
SteveMar-08-12 01:14 PM
by Steve
This explains a lot about Congress and money
It's never going to change. From December. http:// www.thedailyshow.com /watch/tue-december- 13-2011/exclusive--- lawrence-lessig-exte nded-interview-pt
GlennMar-05-12 02:34 PM
by Glenn
Businessman politician fallacy?
Hi, Just thought I'd try to jump start a discussion that is interesting to me. Romney is just the latest pol arguing that a business background
JacquesMar-03-12 09:32 AM
by Geoff
Political hyperbole
Obama is destroying the family and betraying America. http://w ww.cnn.com/video/?hp t=hp_t2#/video/polit ics/2012/02/09/sot-s antorum-tea-party-te xas.c
ClarkFeb-28-12 11:02 AM
by Jake
GDP Vs. Wealth
Today's Krugman column in the NYTimes is about Romney being a closet Keynesian. ht tp://www.nytimes.com /2012/02/24/opinion/ krugman-romneys-ec
JakeFeb-24-12 01:17 PM
by Jacques
half time in america
Wah! Wah!!! Wah! Wah! Wah!!!! http://ww w.cnbc.com/id/462950 77/
JakeFeb-09-12 09:14 AM
by Glenn
What the hell?
The Republican campaign for the Presidency keeps me shaking my head. The front-runners are Romney? Gengrich? Perry (not so much any more)? And Cain
SamFFeb-04-12 09:45 PM
by Glenn
Fat old guys and young buxom things.
Last evening, I was at restaurant with a couple of colleagues having dinner. It was one of those quiet places serving top tier Northern cuisine. A p
ClarkNov-11-11 04:41 PM
by George7
Al-awlaki take down
What do you think? There are many in the U.S. who suggest that it is illegal. I do not agree. I will give my reasons, but first, I want to hear wha
ClarkOct-13-11 08:57 AM
by Steve
I'm a sex buyer???
Newsweek has an article this week about a study somebody did about "Johns." They start by talking about how all the research has been on "sex workers
SamFAug-06-11 10:09 PM
by Rock
NY Senate about to pass Marriage Equality Bill
I didn't support it nor did I oppose it. I have a lot of friends who are very happy and probably planning weddings. I also know many who are dismaye
TriciaJul-06-11 02:15 PM
by Elena
51 Great minds - should evolution be taught in school?
http://youtu.be/UkBm hM0R2A0#t=038
GlennJun-30-11 10:00 AM
by Clark
Sarah Palin email
Please, I don't want to see, hear, or read anything about her emails from Alaska. I don't want to listen to her talk, I don't want to hear any more a
ClarkJun-21-11 08:07 PM
by George7
My take on the whole Pakistan-US relations over bin Laden raid
This is just my take. Pakistan is pissed at the US for not consulting them prior to the raid, and pissed at invading their sovereign soil without c
ClarkMay-13-11 12:54 PM
by George7
Stealth choppers?
Holy smokes! Did you guys see the wreckage of the helicopter left behind in the bin Laden raid? That's got to be some new fangled, fancy, stealth jo
ClarkMay-07-11 06:05 AM
by Clark
Philisophical question
Can an atheist be holy ?
JakeMay-04-11 06:06 PM
by JeffF
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